Muslim leader hosts rabbis, welcomes 3rd Temple

WASHINGTON – A prominent Turkish Muslim leader hosted a gathering of Israeli rabbis to call for an end of anti-Jewish sentiment in the Islamic world, saying he looks forward to the rebuilding of the Third Temple in Jerusalem.


Adnan Oktar welcomed the delegation, including Rabbi Dov Lipman and Rabbi Ben Abrahamson, for an iftar dinner during Ramadan in Istanbul. The dinner included other Muslims and Christian representatives as well.


Lipman, a senior officer of the World Zionist Organization, said he was very pleased by the friendship and goodwill he experienced.


Oktar hosts a live program on the A9 television channel that included his guests from Israel.


Joel Richardson, author of the New York Times bestselling “Islamic Antichrist,” has appeared on Oktar’s TV show and interviewed him about his support for rebuilding the Temple.


Oktar explained that the days when the Prophet Solomon’s Masjid and Palace (Solomon’s Temple) will be rebuilt in an atmosphere of global peace and tranquility are at hand.


Abrahamson, a historian and consultant to the Sanhedrin regarding issues related to Islam, emphasized the rebuilding of the Temple is a very good development for all mankind.


Oktar said Muslims, Jews and Christians share many common values and the current opposition was a ploy of Satan. He said people of reason who are full of love should come together and encourage peace.


When asked what should be done to dispel the tension between Muslims and Jews, Oktar urged the Israeli and Turkish governments to be more courageous, and not be influenced by loveless articles published in the media or concern with loss of votes.


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