Mom Pulls Children From School Over LGBT Adult “Hangout”

May 6, 2020   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: ,

An outraged California mother announced on Facebook that she would be pulling her children from public school after receiving an email advertising an online “LGBTQ+ Safe Space Web Hangout” for “LGBTQ+youth ages 13-25.”

According to the advertisement, which was e-mailed to middle-school children by government schools in California’s Gilroy and Morgan Hill school district, this “Safe Space Web Hangout” is “private” and by “invite only.” They happen every Wednesday at 4 PM, the email said.

The hangouts are hosted by “The LGBT Youth Space,” a self-styled “community drop-in center” funded by taxpayers for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and ally youth and young adults ages 13-25.” Yes — ages 13 through 25.


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16 Responses to “Mom Pulls Children From School Over LGBT Adult “Hangout””

  1. Independent Voter

    Remember when they all so loudly proclaimed how their lifestyle would have no effect on anyone else? Today they have special privileges, protections, and rights, not available to other citizens.

  2. It’s amazing how easy it is to prey on children at such an influential age. Satan has been allowed to also prey in schools in California. It’s time to vote out the liberal soul stealers and vote for someone who would do the bidding of God’s great Commandments, and follow the footsteps of His Son Yeshua

  3. Molly Teepe

    The mother did the right thing to protect her children in the face of something that shouldn’t be allowed in the school system. Our world and our freedoms are something we are going to have to fight for. God is the answer!

  4. Kyp Shillam

    Taxpayer funded – those words make me almost as sick as 13-25. Sooo not appropriate and setting kids us for abuse and trafficking. Jesus, empower your people to stand up to this. To speak truth and to do what is right.

  5. Elizabeth moreno

    Dear End Time Ministry,

    Thank you For your work in the battlefield. My gratitude & earnest prayers to this mother because her act saves many & gives notice of non-acceptance if these children who need protection. It is clear where we r headed in this. Parents & family rights are being dissolved under education & us courts veil of “What was the norm for the family/child.” With grandparents rights dissolved & not recognized in California to kindergarten age children shamed & expelled for innocently calling a child by his proper name. We stand united in the shield of the Almighty & know he is our refuge! Continue to Stand strong in the word my brothers & sisters in the battlefield. We are covered in the blood & Grace. This is our purpose the Lord is with us. Amen.

  6. May God Bless this mom, I would have done the same thing. How disgusting. How dare they even try to expose children to such filth. I’m holding back tears that want to come. Over this Rotten no good work of Satan and his disciples. The Law should be closing this down. I guess we all know we are in the end times.. How scary this world has become.

  7. Richard

    I can’t believe no one is outraged by the age group involved here 13 to 25. last time I checked on age legalities over 18 would put most people in jail…

  8. you mush let all people have the right 2 do their thing and speak their minb ,like the mom has the right to pull her kids but the mom should counter it by starting her own lifestyle club by doing the same christiany is a lifestyle not a religion remember that and u will alawys come out correct

  9. Rebecca Hart

    Kudos to Mom for standing up for her beliefs! Any Californians are powerful Christians. I lived in Ventura County and we prayed, and the earthquake wiped out porn distribution places, transvestite bars closed! Not joking. They won’t let us pray or send messages for hetero support groups! Lol! Lord knows we need them.

    • V Nick Partock

      Well done to this strong mother. This so-called hang-out is clearly a potential hotbed for ‘grooming’ and other nefarious activities, despite the (blind) well-meaningness of some. What kind of insidious message does this kind of ‘progressive’ activity perpetrate?! One shudders to think of the damage. Prayer is certainly the answer, as is acquiring the full armour of God -together with taking a stand as this brave mom has done. I pray God’s blessing upon her and family in Jesus’ precious name. Amen.

      • Gary Patrick

        America is no longer a Christian nation. Abortion, homosexual marriage, the rise in pornography Sodom and Gomorrah have nothing on us.

    • Sue Hatzopoulos

      If your west of interstate 5 please get out ASAP. Check out Cascadia the DVD by Stephen Quayle. A great tsunami is expected in the near future, because of the continental drift