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Revelation 9:13-21 prophesies a war that will begin in the Euphrates River region (Middle East) and will kill one-third of the world’s population.

“U.S. Leads Biggest Gulf Mine Exercise in Signal to Iran” – San Francisco Chronicle Sep. 17th

“The U.S. and 29 other nations have begun the biggest mine-clearing exercise in the Persian Gulf region, a show of force as tensions escalate over a threatened Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.”

“Netanyahu: Iran on brink of nuclear bomb in 6-7 months” – Reuters Sep. 16th

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Sunday that Iran would reach the brink of being able to build a nuclear bomb in just six or seven months, adding urgency to his demand that President Barack Obama set a “red line” for Tehran amid the worst U.S.-Israeli rift in decades.”

“Israel’s Pre-War Planning” – Canada Free Press – Sep. 17th

“Israel has been planning and preparing for the attack on Iran that is critical to its survival and likely missions against Hezbollah in Lebanon and/or Syria, as well as Hamas in Gaza should they join the fight.”

“Syrians tested chemical weapons firing systems” – Jerusalem Post Sep. 17th

“US President Barack Obama warned last month that any sign that Assad was starting to utilize the weapons, or move them, would constitute a “red line” that could trigger US military intervention in the conflict.”

“War with Iran in 2013 if no agreement reached” – Jerusalem Post Sep. 17th

“Without a negotiated solution over the Iranian nuclear program, 2013 will likely see a military confrontation with Iran, Former US Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk”

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17 Responses to “Middle East War | Prophecy in the News”

  1. I still fail to understand how the emphasis is being placed on the Two state agreement between the Palestinians and Israel, which supposedly begins the 7 year peace treaty, when we have not had the 6th trumpet war yet. How would we have a Mid East peace agreement–set in the next couple of years, maybe–and then after that, the war that kills millions of people? It does not make sense. Who makes a peace agreement even with MS 13 gangs, and then a horrific war in that same city? Am I making any sense?