McConnell: Senate To Acquit President Trump

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he’s voting to acquit President Trump on charges levied against him by House Democrats. He confirmed his intentions while speaking on the Senate floor Tuesday. At least 34 Republicans have reportedly said they will acquit the president, which would make a conviction mathematically impossible.

The Kentucky lawmaker said House Democrats think President Trump committed a crime by beating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. McConnell chastised the House on the impeachment process by calling it rushed and unfair. He claimed Democrats are the ones who abused their power.

“We’ve watched a major American political party adopt the following absurd proposition: ‘We think this president is a bull in a China shop, so we’re going to drive a bulldozer through the China shop to get rid of it.’ This fever led to the most rushed, least fair and least thorough presidential impeachment inquiry in American history.”

— Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader

McConnell said elections are the ultimate tool to assess a president’s character and policies, and added that Democrats are afraid they will lose again.


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