Massachusetts Judge Tells Catholic School to Hire Homosexuals

A Roman Catholic school in Massachusetts has been ordered by a Superior Court judge to hire homosexuals for non-teaching positions.


Matthew Barrett was hired in 2013 as the food service director at Fontbonne Academy in Milton, an all-girls preparatory high school. The school is sponsored by the Roman Catholic Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston. While filling out employment forms, Barrett listed a “husband” as his emergency contact. Because Barrett’s living in an open homosexual relationship violated the values held by the school, he was told he could not work there.


Barrett sued the school, and Superior Court Justice Douglas Wilkins agreed he had been illegally discriminated against. Wilkins’ ruling stated that since Barrett’s job was a “non-teaching” position, the school’s religious values did not matter.


Fontbonne Academy had argued that it hired only those who were in accordance with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, one of which is that homosexual behavior is sinful. Being forced to hire someone who openly practiced such an activity was a violation of the First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion and freedom of association.


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