Martin O’Malley: ‘Ban Sale Of Assault Weapons,’ Launch ‘National Gun Registry’

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What a list: license requirements for firearm owners, mandated training, background checks, bans on assault weapons, and a ban on “high capacity” ammunition magazines.


O’Malley then suggested that the goals of Maryland at the time — when gun control was enacted — and the goals of the United States now should be one and the same.


Well, let’s see. How has gun control worked out for Marylanders? According to USA Today, not well. They report there were “43 homicides” in May of this year alone and a total of “116 homicides” in Baltimore through the first five months of the year.


To hedge his bets O’Malley points away from Maryland, pointing instead to the nation as a whole and claims there were 204 mass shootings “during the first 204 days of 2015.” That is a mass shooting a day.


How can Democrats claim a mass shooting a day? They list any shooting incident where at least two people are killed as a mass shooting. Thus, Adam Lanza’s heinous Sandy Hook attack, killing 26, was a mass shooting and Nidal Hasan’s 2009 Fort Hood attack, killing 13, was a mass shooting and John Russell Houser’s alleged July 23 attack on a Lafayette theater, killing two, was a mass shooting as well.


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