London Jews Concerned over Neo-Nazi Rally

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Jewish residents of the London neighborhood of Golders Green are bracing themselves for a potentially sizable neo-Nazi rally organized by a coalition of far-right fascist groups.


The rally’s organizers say they are targeting “Jewish privilege” through their protest, to be held on July 4 – the first Shabbat of the month – in what is the heart of northwest London’s Jewish community.


It follows a largely unsuccessful demonstration by anti-Semites in Stamford Hill, northeast London, which is home to the largest Orthodox Jewish community in Europe.


But unlike the previous demonstration – which featured less than 30, largely middle-aged neo-Nazis, who were kept away from Jewish areas by a police cordon – there are genuine concerns that July’s rally could be more successful, given the momentum the campaign has gained among the far-right on social media.


British Jewish community leaders have approached Home Secretary Theresa May with a request to ban the event.


Without her intervention, police told Jewish News “that they are powerless, legally, to stop a static demonstration,” which it is believed will be held near Golders Green train station.


The Community Security Trust (CST) anti-Semitism watchdog said it was aware of plans for an “explicitly antisemitic demonstration,” and warned that despite the Stamford Hill rally turning out to be “quite pathetic and largely ignored,” a similar outcome “cannot be guaranteed in Golders Green.”


“We sincerely hope that our Jewish community will not be cowed by this neo-Nazi intimidation,” CST spokesman Mark Gardner told Jewish News.


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