Likud Convention May Vote on Temple Mount Prayer

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The question of Jewish prayer rights on the Temple Mount may be decided by the Likud Convention. As per a decision Tuesday by the Likud’s internal court, the Directorate of the Likud Convention will decide Wednesday whether to bring the matter before the the Likud Convention plenum, which convenes Wednesday and Thursday.


The Likud Court has authorized the Directorate of the Convention to hold a vote regarding a motion that calls for strengthening the sovereignty of the state of Israel on the TempleMount, allowing prayer by Jews on the Mount, and a cessation of the discrimination against Jews at the site.


ThChairman of the Temple Organizations HQ, Attorney Aviad Visoli, filed a motion with the Likud court and demanded that a resolution regarding the Temple Mount be brought before the Convention.

Read More: Likud Convention May Vote on Temple Mount Prayer – Jewish World – News – Israel National News.

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No Responses to “Likud Convention May Vote on Temple Mount Prayer”

    • elaine turner

      Yes,indeed.Every single day I wake up and think “is today the day Damascus falls?” When Damascus falls the good Lord is not going to be in a good mood.He has shown His wrath in the past and promised His wrath will happen again.I believe Him.If only everyone would listen.

  1. Donald Ngoma

    Most people who end being murderers, rapists, thieves, etc., don’t know it until they actually commit the act/crime.

    If the Anti-Christ exists currently, is there a possibility that he knows he is the World’s last dictator or is he totally unaware – some student studying for a degree in political sciences, a military trainee, a paper-boy making copies at the E.U.’s headquarters (Charlemagne Building), a dude selling burgers at MacDonald’s, etc.?

    Mr Trump’s son-in-law … could he be?

    • Richard Ansons

      Traduit avec Google:
      I remember that I.Baxter said to have on his desk a pile of files of a certain height (2m if I’m not mistaken …) of antichrist candidates ..
      I think he had some humor on his part.
      So maybe the Kushner folder is there, I’m kidding too.
      This is not what you need to worry about.
      Rather prepare yourself rather to meet your God.

    • Richard Ansons

      Translated with google
      Thank you for the link website.
      Very interesting even if I can not seem to agree with all the points of view or analyzes, especially the influence of M.Pence.But it is God who is the only legislator and judge of everything and everyone.
      And he will render to each according to his works.

  2. Pst VA Okelue

    The LORD Jehovah is more than able to defend His people and as many that trust in Him. Let us return to Him in repentance. Let US return the WORD of God to the public schools and call upon the LORD. And see what will happen. I wonder what will be the degree of moral decadence in US if Trump had not won. If we tremble and obey the WORD of God, the we do not need to fear Russian missiles or that of any any other nation. Peace to Israel and very people of God that obey Him.

    • Blanche

      Yes, we are supposed to pray for Peace of Israel. And Yes, God is able to protect his people. But he also enables his people to endure to the end as Jesus stated in Matthew 24 when speaking of the end times. Yes, America is in trouble now and more coming. Read my response to Jan.W.

    • Phyllis

      “the WORD of God” must first and foremost be found in homes, dusted off, then families begin sincere studies; leave the schools to the instruction in Reading Writing Arithmetic and all other necessary subjects to prepare our youth for higher learning.

  3. Tom Shoup

    I have followed you for quite a while and like the way that you use scripture to back up your teaching. I sense that the Lord has impressed on me Hebrews 10:25 as a foundation part for our time that we are in. The Lord taught that this time would be as in the days of Noah. Do you think that it is time to get on the ark?

    • Richard Ansons

      Traduit avec Google:
      Read 1 Peter 3 v20 to 22:
      Our Ark is Jesus. If we believed his gospel and were baptized accordingly, Mark 16 v16 is a reality for us.
      It is a question of dwelling in Him and dwelling in us.
      You are in the Ark, you do not need to go up there.
      But do not get off.
      Go to Psalm 91:
      Jesus is the secret abode of the Most High, His God and Father, let us also dwell in Him and we will be in His shadow, He Jesus the Almighty.

  4. I have studied the scriptures and I have studied most of Irvin Baxter’s videos and material. I see everything the same way he does but I have one concern. I agree the U.S. will not be a part of the NWO but I still ponder what will happen. The scripture does not provide us with enough detail other than we will not be part of NWO. Time will reveal this as prophecy is fulfilled. I think the U.S. will totally cease to exist as we now know it and time is getting short. I so hope I am so wrong but I think we are going down, the whole country. What does anyone else think about this? I don’t see a pretty picture of this at all. We could be part of the 1/3 taken out in WWIII. Whatever the happens, it is time for everyone to know scripture and pray for guidance.

    • Richard Ansons

      Jer.4:27 For thus saith Jehovah: The whole land shall be a desolation; but I will not make a full end.
      You have the right to disagree if you wish.

    • Blanche

      Jan W. No, America is not safe. Ezekiel 38 tells us that when the power of the North comes against Israel, along with Persia, Ethiopia, Libya, that “at the same time” (38:10) he shall “think an evil thought”. And (v 11) “shall say, I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, dwelling without walls, having neither bars nor gates, to (v 12) take a spoil and to take a prey…..those that are rich in provision…people that are gathered out of many nations….” I ask, what nation in the world has more relaxed borders than America? And what nation is made up of people of many nations more than America?
      And for those who say “God is able to protect his own”. Of course, he is. But God is able to “enable” his own to “endure to the end”, as Jesus did and as Jesus said we should do in the end times when the world society thinks they are doing God a favor to “kill” us as they did Jesus and most of his apostles. Who do you think makes up the prophesied multitude in heaven who were “beheaded” for not taking the mark of the beast (NWO).

  5. Michael

    Under the control of President Putin, Russia has become too much of a threat to the United States, Canada, Israel, all of Europe, it’s time that all of these same countries gang up together against Russia with sanctions because Putin has too much power, he is corrupt and too unstable. Much prayer is also needed, only what you do for Christ will last.

  6. William Cochran

    Having trouble hitting submit button by mistake. So
    I am not sure if you all have received the first part of
    my conversation. I will try to continue, but I would like
    all of you who have questions to ask, or who just disagree,
    please feel free to email at: Again,
    in part because I don’t want to give the impression of knowing
    everything about God’s plan for Hunankind, but must say I
    totally believe He has the following two numbers: the exact time

    for trumpet six (Rev. 9:15) and for trumpet seven (Daniel 9:27 –Armageddon). Irvin Baxter has proven this and shown first five
    trumpets have already occurred. Why is this important? People have
    the right to know, and from what I see, main stream Christian churches
    are not making people aware that the door for trumpet six is well
    on it ‘s way to WW3 and Armageddon is close behind. I’m not sure
    what the other religions are teaching–<perhaps someone out
    there can contribute.
    I know I have opened the door to more conversation, but before we get
    there, I would like to here from you.
    Peace and God Bless

    • Kenneth

      Im a Christian however isreal’s military kills palastinian civilians without reguard (1000’s at times) this I do not like and the the western nation’s say nothing

      • Kenneth

        Don’t call me names. Im native American I’m Shure back in the day people said that about us too granted some of it was true look you can’t condem people for the actions of a few. Some things you know instintuly are just wrong I cannot see a way to justify this disregard of human life

  7. Khan Majeed

    Russia & Iran is working with the West to kill the Muslims in Syria and Iraq. They expect the Christian god Jesus to appear on the dead bodies of the innocent Muslim children, women & men gassed to death by them. Lets see what his reaction would be ………

  8. James Williams

    This move is prophetic. What we are seeing here is Russia, one of the major leaders in the Gog Magog War of Ezekiel 38-39, preparing to invade Israel. However, I believe the Psalms 83 war will take place and Damascus will be destroyed. Isaiah 17:1. The one thing the world does not accept is God will defend Israel and all the technology man will throw at His chosen nation will falter.

  9. I am completely perplexed at how situations like this can develop.

    First you have people just trying to live their lives. Next that government that has rule over those who are just trying to live their lives somehow becomes corrupt and tries to take over those people by sending the military after them and uses whatever means necessary to regain corrupt control. Now the people fight back to get their lives back and are in the right.

    Another nation comes to the rescue and attacks only the corrupt government’s ability to use weapons that are considered “sucker punch dirty fighting” tactics. Now another separate nation who is on the side of the corrupt government says, “Heyyyy, you can’t attack our ally like that.” “If you do that again there will be consequences to pay.” Keeping in mind that this nation that sides with this corrupt government from another nation either is too foolish to realize or they are foolish on purpose and does not care that the “sucker punch dirty fighting tactics” are more cruel and unusual punishment weapons than normal weapons.

    Keep in mind that the corrupt government should well… not be corrupt at all and not killing people just to take control.


  10. Phillip Welch

    Buckle up! You can take it to the bank that Israel is gonna do exactly that, I firmly believe that those “chains” that bind the 4 angels around the Euphrates are already unlocked and waiting for the shackles to fall off! 6th trumpet war is ahead!