Legal group: NC law is commonsense, constitutional

Liberty Counsel says critics of North Carolina’s Public Facilities and Security Act probably haven’t read it and don’t understand it. Not only that, says the legal group, those who do read it and understand it “intentionally misrepresent it.”


Liberty Counsel describes HB 2 as both constitutional and a commonsense regulation, adding that critics of it are being shortsighted. For one thing, says Liberty attorney Richard Mast, the new law protects not just the privacy but also the safety of female students from males with deviant behaviors – or worse, those who are sexual predators.


“It’s outrageous that they would place girls in an untenable situation where you have a gender-confused boy – [a boy] who’s gender-confused at best; potentially, he has other issues – and you place them in a one-on-one … environment for [potential] molestation or sexual assault,” the attorney states.


Adult homosexual activists with an agenda, he argues, are using children as political hostages to foist their ill-advised ideologies on society. “[Those activists] seek to benefit their own deviancies and proclivities using children as the pawns in that struggle,” he adds.


Mast says rather than having a patchwork of similar laws and policies throughout North Carolina, the Act unifies the regulations and brings North Carolina into alignment with existing federal laws.


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