LAUSD threat: Los Angeles schools set to reopen

The schools in Los Angeles are safe and will reopen Wednesday, city officials said Tuesday.


Classes for about 650,000 students were canceled Tuesday after several people on the district’s school board received an email threat. More than 2,700 officers were involved in walk-throughs at more than 1,500 school sites in searches for explosives or weapons, Los Angeles school district police Chief Steven Zipperman.


“We can now announce, and conclude, and tell you, and tell the community that we believe that our schools are safe, and we can reopen schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District tomorrow morning,” Los Angeles Unified School District School Board President Steve Zimmer told reporters.


Authorities said they don’t know who made the threat, but that the FBI determined it was not credible, Los Angles Mayor Eric Garcetti said. A member of the House Intelligence Committee said it appeared to be “a hoax or something designed to disrupt school districts in large cities.”


A similar threat was delivered in New York, but those schools didn’t close.


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