LA. residents may need a secondary form of ID when Flying

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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – Louisiana residents will soon need to show a new form of picture identification to board airplanes.


Heath Allen, executive director of Lake Charles Regional Airport, said that the issue has been on their minds for a while now,


“So we’ve had concerns just because Louisiana has been one of the states that passed legislation saying that they would not comply with the federal law,” he said.


This comes after Gov.Bobby Jindal vetoed a bill that would allow licenses to comply with the 2005 federal REAL ID Act.


“Come January 1 (2016,) people traveling out of Louisiana will have to have a passport or some other type of federal identification to get to board an airplane,” Allen said.


The act, enacted after Sept. 11, aims to ensure the country’s security and protection against terrorism. Part of the plan calls for driver’s licenses with enhanced security features. And because Louisiana did not upgrade its licenses, Bayou State passengers will have to provide more documentation.


“I think we would be creating a lot of problems by requiring people to have a passport — that’s also a financial burden; they’re not cheap,” traveler Nick Buchan said.


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