Knight: Mis-educated youth attracted to socialism

A conservative columnist is concerned at the number of young Americans who are being lured by socialism, even though it’s a failed system that invariably leads to tyranny.’


Robert Knight is a senior fellow at the American Civil Rights Union and a columnist for The Washington Times and OneNewsNow. He points out that in the Iowa caucuses last week, young Democrats overwhelmingly supported Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders – an avowed “democratic socialist” – with 84 percent of those under 30 backing him. National polls show similar results.


A financial expert laments that millennials are leaning more towards socialism, arguing that that particular age group is doing so without foresight and a full understanding of the ideology. Read more …
“We probably shouldn’t be surprised at how many people like Bernie Sanders who are under 30,” Knight begins, “because the schools have been preaching the politics of envy for several decades now. [They are teaching] that somehow if there are poor people, it’s the fault of people who are productive and rich – and that therefore goods need to be divided equally.


“This is pure Marxism,” he continues. “That’s what’s alarming: if you mis-educate enough people, you can lead them in a very terrible direction.”


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