King of Jordan: Jews taking over Al Aqsa mosque

King Abdullah of Jordan has expressed outrage that 400 Jews visited the site of the two Holy Temples on the Temple Mount yesterday. His statement of fury ignored the simultaneous Moslem provocations and violence.


Yesterday, the 9th day of the month of Av – the date on which both Holy Temples were destroyed some 2,500 and 2,000 years ago, respectively – a relatively large number of Jews visited the site: some 400.


“We continuously struggle with repeated strikes carried out by Israel and extremist organizations in Jerusalem,” the king stated, “as well as with the attempts to change the status quo in the city. We will stand fast against any attempt to harm our holy places or to divide the Al-Aqsa mosque [in terms of] area or prayer times.”


As is widely known and equally widely ignored, the status quo on the Temple Mount has been harmed over the years to the detriment not of the Muslims, but of the Jews. Jews are not permitted to utter words of prayer on the Mount, and their visits are restricted to small groups, at specific hours, on specific days.


Israel Police deployed large forces on the Mount yesterday in preparation for the Jewish visitors. Seven Jews were detained for allegedly violating the rules set for visitors. When the last Jewish group left the Mount, two more Jews were detained for the same reason.


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