King David’s response to the UN’s anti-Israel resolution

“I wish to bring before you King David’s response to the Security Council’s recent resolution regarding Judea and Samaria.” So said Rabbi Zalman Melamed on Monday, speaking before hundreds of students and guests at a Hanukkah candle-lighting in the presence of Israel’s President Reuven Rubi Rivlin.

With a hint of a smile betraying his delight at the eternal inter-generational connections, Rabbi Melamed said:

“King David spoke, in his prophetic spirit, about future events. He wrote about Israel sitting by the rivers of Babylon, and about b’shuv Hashem et shivat Tzion, how G-d would return us back to the Holy Land, and more… And he also foresaw the current situation in which the United Nations discusses and votes on issues relating to the Land of Israel, and seeks to steal from us parts of our homeland. Let us read from Psalm 2:

“Why have nations gathered, with the kingdoms planning in vain? Why do kings of the land stand, and nobles take counsel together against G-d and against His anointed? This anointed one is Israel – what could be more fitting to our situation today than these verses?


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