Kerry: World leaders shocked by GOP rhetoric

Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday that leaders across the world are “shocked” by the rhetoric coming from the Republican presidential candidates.


“Everywhere I go, every leader I meet, they ask about what is happening in America. They cannot believe it,” Kerry said on CBS’s “Face The Nation” on Sunday.


“I think it is fair to say that they’re shocked.”
Last week, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz called for patrolling and securing Muslim neighborhoods in the wake of the Brussels terror attacks. Front-runner Donald Trump also called for patrols on Muslim neighborhoods and said the country needs to start torturing suspects to get information from them.


Kerry said leaders he meets don’t “know where it’s taking the United States of America.”


“It upsets people’s sense of equilibrium about our steadiness, about our reliability,” Kerry said. “And to some degree I must say to you, some of the questions, the way they’re posed to me, it’s clear to me that what’s happening is an embarrassment to our country.”


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