Kerry Reportedly to Offer Gulf Nuclear Umbrella

Western sources have reportedly revealed that US Secretary of State John Kerry is offering Gulf States an American nuclear umbrella to deal with the Iranian nuclear threat, as Kerry is finalizing a controversial deal with Iran ahead of a March 31 deadline for talks.


The sources spoke to the London-based Arabic language Al-Hayat newspaper, as cited by Yedioth Aharonoth, and said that Kerry while in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this week intends to present a plan to senior sources in the country.


Through the framework of the plan, the US would provide a sort of nuclear umbrella to the Gulf States as a counterbalance to the Iranian nuclear deal.


According to the report, the plan essentially would have the US defend the Gulf region from any nuclear attack that Iran might launch, in what appears to be a covert acknowledgement that the deal will allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons as Israel has warned.


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu just this Tuesday addressed Congress, where he warned that the deal will not remove Iran’s nuclear capability, and that Iran is demanding 190,000 centrifuges which would allow it to build a nuclear arsenal within weeks.


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