Joe Garcia gets in America Rising’s crosshairs again

May 21, 2014   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags:

Beware, Joe Garcia, America Rising PAC is watching.


When the Democratic Miami Congressman appeared to eat earwax during a committee hearing (he didn’t, he says), the political action committee was quick to catch it and post the video.


A week has gone by. The YouTube video has 2.5 million hits. And now America Rising is highlighting what came out of Garcia’s mouth tonight during a Google Hangout about immigration.

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  1. John Bolton, one of the NeiCons who stated in the late 90’s that they were hoping to engineer regime-change in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya and Iran.
    Wow- what an amazing coincidence! Look at the world now and the drum Bolton is beating!
    Church, we fell for these lies in Iraq and we have a the blood of a million Iraqi souls on our hands, not to mention tens of thousands of our service men and women physically and mentally destroyed.
    Is this what the ‘Support our Troops’ bumper stickers means to us, Church? Really?
    The church cannot be a part of this group of war-mongers, not under any pretext, Theological or otherwise