Why Jewish Republican group stays loyal to Trump

Two top Jewish donors sat before their friends and shared how they would support the new President.

“He has to call hundreds of people,” said billionaire Sheldon Adelson, seated alongside fellow casino magnate and the Republican National Committee new chief fundraiser, Steve Wynn. “I just have to discuss it with my wife.”
No matter the number of zeros behind the checks they cut, both financiers will be focal points in Donald Trump’s new political infrastructure — and are installing unflinching fidelity to the President in their powerful ranks.
Elite Jewish Republicans, once as skeptical of Trump as nearly any other donor group, are quickly locking arms with the new administration and fusing their mission with the President’s.
That’s led to a recalibration at the Republican Jewish Coalition. Outside groups of every ideological stripe are rethinking their identities in Trump’s Washington, and the RJC, out of power for eight years, is no different. That transformation was on vivid display here at Adelson’s luxury Venetian hotel and casino this weekend, as the RJC transitions from an outside pressure player to an inside machinator.


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