James Dobson: Colorado votes death for ‘precious boys and girls’ who survive abortion

Colorado lawmakers have voted death for “precious boys and girls,” longtime Christian evangelical leader James Dobson is warning.

It was the decision by the state’s lawmakers against a plan to protect children who survive abortion that prompted his comments.

“This week, representatives in my home state of Colorado made a decision that a child’s life is expendable. Specifically, legislative committee members voted down a bill that would have required doctors to provide medical care for a baby born alive following an attempted abortion,” said Dobson, founder of the James Dobson Family Institute as well as his Family Talk radio.

“Make no mistake, this is not about ‘abortion access’ or the ‘right to choose.’ This is not about ‘bundles of cells’ or ‘clumps of tissue.’ This is not about ‘my body, my choice,’ or any other despicable euphemism or excuse employed to minimize the horror of killing an unborn child in the womb,” he said.

MORE: https://www.wnd.com/2020/02/james-dobson-colorado-votes-death-precious-boys-girls-survive-abortion/


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