Italy’s coronavirus death toll passes 10,000; doubles in one week

Italy’s coronavirus fatalities have crossed 10,000, according to officials — more than double the number of deaths reported just one week ago.

In the past 24 hours, Italy suffered 889 additional deaths, bringing the country-wide total to at least 10,023 as of Saturday, and the nationwide mortality rate to 10.8 percent compared last week to 9 percent. The figures were confirmed and reported by Italy’s Civil Protection Agency.

Italy is currently the worst affected country in the global pandemic. The nation has the greatest number of deaths and has overtaken China in the number of overall infected, with 92,472.

China, which was the origin of the global pandemic, has a similar number of infected at 81,997, but it has only a third as many deaths as Italy has suffered, with at least 3,299 dead from COVID-19.