Israel’s leaders opt to avoid action on three menacing fronts

Former IDF rigs to probe for Gaza tunnels which Hamas published as an Israeli failure Israel’s leaders are clinging to lame locutions – “good judgment and responsibility” – to avoid military action for dealing with crisis situations fast coming to a head on three extremely dangerous fronts: armed Palestinian terrorists are now tying up traffic on a major Israeli highway to the Israeli capital; southern Syria is sliding into the control of Hizballah after this Iranian proxy was permitted to amass 100,000 missiles in S. Lebanon; and, this week, Israelis living near the Gaza Strip heard Palestinians building terror tunnels under their homes.South Syria-GolanThis week, Iranian and Hizballah officials loudly lauded Russian military feats in southern Syria opposite the Israeli Golan for fulfilling their overriding ambition to gain yet another front against the Zionist state.Still no word was heard from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s office in Jerusalem or Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon in Tel Aviv – even though matters on that front are going from bad to worse. Sunday, Jan. 31, Russian bombers raided Nawa, 10 km east of the Golan. The fall of that town to Syrian-Hizballah forces, after Sheikh Maskin last Friday,will open the way for 2,000 Hizballah troops to surge into an area directly across from Israeli military defense positions. Another 3,000 pro-Iranian Shiite militias are standing by to follow.As Jordan’s northern border with Syria shared the same peril, King Abdullah and his chief of staff Lt. Gen. Mashal Al-Zaben hurried over to Moscow in an effort to stave it off. They are terrified that the fall of Nawa will touch off the flight of 6,000 to 8,000 armed Syrian rebel fighters to batter on the gates of the kingdom in fear of their lives.


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