Israeli left looks to impose state education on newborns

The idea behind the children’s homes in the old kibbutzim, where the entire community would raise its children rather than their parents, refuses to die.

The left-wing organization ‘Anu’ (We), which has ties to the New Israel Fund, sent an email to journalists in Israel today, with a link to the questionnaire on “The Public Debate on Early Childhood Care.”

“In the past year, a large group of organizations has joined together to raise the issue of state responsibility for children from birth until the age of 3,” the email reads.”We would appreciate if you could answer a brief survey on the subject.”

Journalists are asked to say how much they are aware of the lack of public frameworks for children up to 3 years old, and about the lack of supervision in frameworks for children between birth and age 3. In addition, they are asked “And have you heard of the Coalition for Congenital Education?”

It should be noted that the extreme left advocates centralization and government control not only in the economic sphere, but also in the family and educational spheres. In Israel, the Jewish state, the family is a supreme value, and therefore on the left they know that it would not be wise to come directly and tell people, “We want to take the children from their parents’ authority and educate them in our institutions.”


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