Israel developing missiles ‘no other country has’

Netanyahu says state-owned defense contractor working on weapons systems able to ‘reach anywhere in the area,’ hails IAI contributions to first Israeli lunar mission

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday said that Israel is developing missiles with “special capabilities that no other country has,” during a visit to state-owned defense contractor Israel Aerospace Industries.

“They are developing offensive missiles here that can reach anywhere in the area and any target,” Netanyahu said, according to a statement from his office. “This is the offensive power of the State of Israel, which is very important for us in all sectors.”

“They are developing weapons systems here with special capabilities that no other country has,” he said after he toured an IAI facility and was updated on the defense contractor’s latest projects.

Netanyahu, who recently appointed himself defense minister, did not elaborate on his comments, which came a day after he said Israel infiltrates Iran periodically for intelligence-gathering purposes.


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