Israel Abandons Cease-Fire After Barrage of Rockets from Gaza

July 15, 2014   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: ,

Israel resumed military action against Hamas Tuesday, giving up on an Egypt-brokered truce after Palestinian militants refused to join the deal and continued to fire rockets over the border. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered airstrikes to resume after Hamas gave no indication it would accept the cease-fire.Earlier, Israel’s security Cabinet had voted to approve the truce starting 9 a.m. local time 2 a.m. ET after a meeting in Tel Aviv. However, air raids sirens sounded across southern Israel more than two hours after the truce came into effect as dozens of rockets were fired from Gaza.”If Hamas does not accept the ceasefire proposal, as would now seem to be the case, Israel would have all international legitimacy to broaden the military operation to achieve the required quiet,” Netanyahu told reporters…

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