Isaac Herzog mocks Netanyahu’s chances of reigniting peace process

May 21, 2015   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: ,

A day after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quoted saying in closed conversations that he wants to restart the peace process, opposition leader Isaac Herzog expressed doubt on Tuesday that talks would begin while Netanyahu is in power.


In an interview running in The Jerusalem Post’s Shavuot supplement on the world’s 50 most powerful Jews this weekend, Herzog mocked the prime minister’s decision to distribute the former responsibilities of the Foreign Ministry among six different Likud politicians, including putting vice premier Silvan Shalom in charge of the currently nonexistent peace talks with the Palestinians.


“There may be a peace process between Netanyahu and Silvan Shalom,” Herzog said sarcastically. “Spreading out the Foreign Ministry’s functions shows they don’t take what government is about seriously. They degrade what leadership is all about. It’s just another example of Netanyahu’s circus, and it’s sad because the citizens will suffer.”


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