Is Iran seeking to foment chaos in Jordan?

Gaining a foothold in Jordan would give the Iranian-led Shi’ite axis another border from which to target Israel. Iranian-funded proxies are already present in Israel’s North, in Lebanon and Syria, and in Gaza to the south.


Jordanian media reported this week that the country’s security forces had arrested an Iranian operative allegedly planning a terrorist attack in the kingdom.


A source at the Iranian Foreign Ministry strongly denied the report that appeared in Jordanian newspaper Al-Rai on Monday, calling it “baseless,” according to the semi-official Iranian Fars News Agency.


The Shi’ite-led Iraqi government to Jordan’s east and the Iranian-allied regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad to the north provide launching pads for covert operations in the kingdom.


However, Prof. Hillel Frisch of Bar-Ilan University’s Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that “the timing in publicizing terrorist plots is almost invariably a political decision.”


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