Iraqi Christians plead for help from Congress

An Iraqi nun pleaded with House lawmakers on Wednesday to stop ongoing “cultural and human genocide” at the hands of Islamic militants in the Middle East.


“ISIS has and continues to demolish and bomb our churches, cultural artifacts, and sacred places,” said Sister Diana Momeka during an emotional House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing. “We have realized that ISIS’ plan is to evacuate the land of Christians and wipe the earth clean of any evidence that we ever existed.”


Momeka appeared at the proceeding with three other witnesses of ISIS atrocities: Hind Kabawat, a Syrian Christian who works for George Mason University, Katharyn Hanson, an archeologist with the University of Pennsylvania, and Jacqueline Isaac, vice president of Roads of Success, a California-based non-profit promoting human rights in the Middle East. The women urged Congress to increase humanitarian aid, arm opposition forces…


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