Iran’s FM: Nuclear deal can’t be renegotiated

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, said on Wednesday that the nuclear deal reached last year with world powers can’t be renegotiated, despite Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s pledge to do so if elected.


Speaking after a lecture in Stockholm and quoted by The Associated Press (AP), Zarif said the deal “is not an Iran-U.S. agreement for the Republican front-runner or anybody else to renegotiate. It’s an international understanding annexed to a Security Council resolution.”


Trump has denounced the deal and said he would seek to renegotiate it if elected president. One of those times came during his speech at the AIPAC policy conference, where he declared that his number one number priority is to roll back the “disastrous” deal with Iran.


“This deal is catastrophic, for America, for Israel and for the whole Middle East,” he said at the time.


Trump’s son Eric said this week his father decided to launch his campaign due to the controversial deal.


Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has said she supports the agreement to rein in Iran’s nuclear program, which was endorsed by the UN Security Council, noted AP.


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