Iran to Commence Nuclear ‘Commercial Enrichment’

“According to the plans, Iran is scheduled to move toward more advanced nuclear industry and commercial (uranium) enrichment,” Zarif said after his flight back to Tehran on Wednesday.


“Our people stand against sanctions, however, they show heroic flexibility in the face of respect and dialogue, which leads to positive outcomes for everyone,” he added.


“Zarif noted that Iran is scheduled to keep on its enrichment, and all financial and banking sanctions against Iran will be cancelled on the very first day of the implementation of the deal,” a dispatch from state-controlled Mehr News Agency read.


Zarif, a holocaust-revisionist, took the time to take shots at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his stalwart opposition to the deal.


“Today we are witnessing Netanyahu’s uproar on all television channels and in newspapers, and we have heard that the fact that the nation of Iran have made their rights official with perseverance, removed the sanctions upon them and also prevented a false crises, has made him very uneasy,” the Iranian foreign minister said.


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