‘Iran nukes will be Israel’s gas chambers’

Rep. Gohmert was the driving force behind the speech given to Congress in March by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who received a remarkable 26 standing ovations while delivering a passionate warning against the Iranian nuclear peril.


Gohmert originally had the idea when Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was still House Speaker. He drafted a letter, signed by colleagues, proposing Netanyahu address Congress. That went nowhere, but Gohmert had better luck when Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, because House Speaker.


It was the Texan who told the EMET dinner crowd that Iran’s nuclear weapons would be the new gas chambers for Israel.


“By the grace of God, we can’t allow them to kill millions more Jews or anyone else.”


Gohmert said the Obama administration knows that as long as the U.S. talks with Iran, no matter how “worthless” the talks may be, Israel cannot militarily destroy the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.


That’s because, he said, Israel knows the Obama administration would side with Iran in the United Nations, and, “This is an affront to Israel.”


“We’re on the brink of disaster,” warned the congressman. He told the largely Jewish crowd he was a Christian who reads the Bible every day.


And, he said, acquaintances of his had claimed to identify the United States in biblical prophecies. He didn’t know about that, but, he remarked, the only chance America had of being around in end times “is to be the best friend of Israel we can.”


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