Iran Deploys New Fighter Jets to Combat Israel

Iran’s Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehqan on Tuesday gave a run-down of the army’s upcoming military buildup, and revealed that a new fighter jet announced in February has been delivered to the Iranian Air Force.


Dehqan said the domestic double-cockpit supersonic Saeqeh 2 jets – whose name means “Thunderbolt” – have been deployed, reports the semi-official Fars News Agency.


The jet, unveiled in February, is meant to be capable of tracing American and Israeli fighter jets according to the paper, which cited a senior Air Force commander Col. Houshang Monfaredzadeh saying as much back in February.


“Saeqeh 2 fighters have been delivered to the Air Force and a training jet has also been tested and is ready for manufacturing,” Dehqan announced on Tuesday in time for National Defense Industry Day.


He also spoke about Iran’s ballistic missile program, which it is preparing to test while flouting UN resolutions concerning the missile tests in context of the Iran nuclear deal.


Speaking directly about the upcoming ballistic missile drills, he said they will not be stopped by the UN Security Council resolution.


“We are working on increasing our missiles’ precision and want to make them impenetrable to electronic warfare and interception,” he said.


He added that long-range ballistic missiles with multiple reentry vehicle payloads have been domestically produced, saying, “we are after turning our ground-based missiles into air-launched missiles.”


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