Interview with Kamal Saleem

Former Member of the Muslim Brotherhood and the PLO



“Allah is our objective; the Quran is our law; the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.” – Motto of the Muslim Brotherhood


By the time the early 20th century had rolled around, the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the end of the Muslim Caliphate, the British occupation of Egypt, along with the Western Industrial and Technological revolutions had pretty much left the Islamic world a non-factor on the global stage.


As a result, the Islamic world felt subjugated and inferior to European and Western powers. It was into this atmosphere that Hassan al-Banna was born in 1906. At a young age, al-Banna was drawn to the more radical aspects of Islam, which appears to have set the course for his life. Over the next few years, after becoming a teacher, al-Banna and his contemporaries began to seethe at Islam’s diminished status in the world.


In an effort to “rectify things”, the Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna and his “brethren” to right the wrongs that had been done to the Islamic world. Since then, they have worked fervently through a global jihad (holy war) to re-establish a Caliphate (spiritual head of Islam), who is a successor to Mohammed, and promote global enforcement of Islamic or Sharia Law.


Many people assume that most of the Muslim Brotherhood’s efforts are centered in the Middle East or Europe. However, a second look reveals that the United States has been in the crosshairs of the Muslim Brotherhood for decades!

Explanatory Memorandum

In 2004, the FBI’s Washington Field Office executed a search warrant on Ismail Elbarasse’s home in Annandale, Virginia. Elbarasse was the founder of the Dar Al-Hijrah mosque and a member of the Palestine Committee, which was created by the Muslim Brotherhood to support Hamas in the United States. The search resulted in the discovery of over 80 boxes of Muslim Brotherhood archives in North America.


One of the most alarming documents was written by Mohammed Akram, a member of the board of directors for the Muslim Brotherhood in North America. The article was titled, “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America.” It laid out the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to dismantle the United States and install an Islamic nation in its place. It went so far as to provide a list of 29 pro-Islamic organizations that were Muslim Brotherhood fronts, many of whom are still operating today.


According to the Explanatory Memorandum, the Muslim Brotherhood’s goal for North America is easily defined in two quotes:


Enablement of Islam in North America, meaning: establishing an effective and stable Islamic Movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood which adopts Muslims’ causes domestically and globally, and which works to expand the observant Muslim base, aims at unifying and directing Muslims’ efforts, presents Islam as a civilization alternative, and supports the global Islamic state, wherever it is.


The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan (brotherhood) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.


The Explanatory Memorandum was published in 1991.

An Insider’s Viewpoint

According to Kamal Saleem, an ex-member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the takeover of the United States is necessary for several reasons. Most importantly is the fact that they need America’s global influence and military power to install Islamic (Sharia) Law worldwide, while accomplishing the goal of diminishing the Western powers’ dominance in the global arena.


Mr. Saleem confirmed the many successes of the Muslin Brotherhood in the United States and their infiltration of our U.S. Government at the highest levels. Just look at the way the Obama Administration supported the removal of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, a staunch U.S. ally who kept peace with Israel, and the installation of Muslim Brotherhood member Mohammed Morsi in his place. Would this even have been possible without major Muslim Brotherhood influences in the Obama Administration?


Mr. Saleem came to America to convert its citizens to Islam, but through a divine miracle from God converted to Christianity. Mr. Saleem and his wife Victoria now have a threefold mission:


  • To wake up, educate and train the Christian and Jewish communities on the impending dangers of radical Islam
  • To reach the Muslims with the redemptive message of Christ
  • To teach the Church “relationship evangelism” in order to reach Muslims with the truth


In order to provide a clearer understanding of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Global Jihad, especially here in the United States, Irvin Baxter interviewed Kamal Saleem on our Politics & Religion radio program on August 25, 2014 which is published below:

The Interview (Part 1)

Program Opening: God miraculously revealed Himself to Kamal as the Lord Jesus Christ. We’ll hear Kamal’s story on today’s edition of Politics and Religion.


Irvin: We have with us today, a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood and also a former member of the PLO. Please meet Kamal Saleem.


Kamal: It is an honor to be with you. God bless you for all you do.


Irvin: I would like for you to tell our audience today about your childhood, your parents and where you were born. Just give us the brief synopsis on the whole thing.


Kamal: The Muslim world is the polar opposite of the Christian or Jewish world. Our world was very simple, everything was centered on Allah and Muhammad. You could not say Allah without the name of Muhammad, because it is the first pillar in Islam. We say, “There’s no God but Allah and Muhammad his prophet.” It all began when Allah called himself the higher and greater. Muhammad then brought himself to the same level of Allah. However, one thing I want everyone to know is that Allah and Jehovah God Almighty is not the same God. They are two different gods.


Irvin: Now, George W. Bush said they were the same.


Kamal: I think he made a big mistake because my god says kill and your God says love.


Irvin: Furthermore, Christians believe that Jesus is God and Muslims absolutely do not believe that Jesus was God.


Kamal: No, the Muslims believe that there is a father, son and Holy Mary. They don’t think that the Holy Spirit exists. For instance, when you mention the Holy Spirit in Islam, they think of the angels Gabriel or Michael and even Satan, but not the Holy Spirit of God. Since it’s not mentioned by Muhammad, it is not believed. They believe that the Christian God had a relationship with Mary and begat Jesus Christ. They also believe that Christians worship idols since they have seen statues of Holy Mary, Michael and crosses in a Catholic church. They see Christian churches have these things, so they assume that we worship idols.


Irvin: You were born into a devout Muslim family. Give us a little insight into your childhood. What was it like?


Kamal: My family is a Sunni family. My Grandfather came from the Ottoman Empire in 1924 when the Ottoman Empire fell, after escaping because they were killing all the generals. He moved into Lebanon, married a simple lady and had nine children. My grandfather had the intense, radical Ottoman belief that Islam will be the only nation on earth. That was his theology. My mother was my teacher. We had fourteen brothers and sisters, and we all lived in a three-room house; living room, bedroom and a kitchen.


Irvin: Whoa!


Kamal: Yeah, we didn’t have a whole lot. But we thought that we were wealthy because as long as you’re eating, that was plenty. On the other hand, we learned terrorism in the house, like how to capture a corner of the house. I also had a Madrasa, as you call it here in America, or an Islamic school. In my Islamic school my mother was my first teacher. She was teaching us how to recite the Quran by heart from our childhood – not just the Quran, but the Hadith, which are the traditions of Muhammad and everything Muhammad says. Last but not least, we studied the Sira, or the biography of Muhammad. That included everything Muhammad did that was not spoken of. So, all these three components become the center of Sharia Law, which is the straight and narrow path. It is the Sira, and that’s what the Muslims follow.


Irvin: I was stunned when I read in your biography that you were sent away to a Muslim terrorist training camp when you were seven years of age!


Kamal: Yes, my mother said to me as a child, “If you kill a Jew, my son, your hand will light up before the throne of heaven. The celebration in the heavens will be great because you’re killing Jews. On the other hand, if you kill a Christian you also celebrate, but you have to ask them to convert first. So, in my childhood we used to write on the street of Beirut, “the people of Saturday first, the people of Sunday next.” So, we were going to kill the Jews first and then the Christians. From there we were learning the Quran, which taught that the only way to go to Paradise is to die as a martyr. That is because the Quran says that every Muslim will have to go to hell first, then after their purification, they will go to Heaven.


Irvin: Now wait. You’re telling me that the Koran teaches that every Muslim has to go to hell first?


Kamal: They have to pass right through hell.


Irvin: Wow! Do they stay there long or is this quick?


Kamal: Some may stay hundreds of thousands of years, and Allah will remove them after the purification period takes place. He will replace them by a Jew or Christian, but there is a system there. The Quran says there is another solution. It is the teaching that those who die as a martyr for the sake of Allah, they are not dead, but they are alive and prospering. When my dad taught on this, he said you get 72 virgins when you go to Heaven. They are half women and half angels and with every virgin you get another 72 virgins, and you get a multitude of slaves and servants in paradise.


Irvin: So if you are martyred, you skip hell and go straight into heaven?


Kamal: Absolutely!


Irvin: Are all young people, who are raised in Islam, taught that?


Kamal: Anytime Muslim children are participating in going to and learning through the Mosque, and they know what the Hadith and the Quran says, then they will know this is the way to Allah.


Irvin: So actually, Islam worships death?


Kamal: Absolutely. The spirit of martyrdom is actually one of the highest spirits because they believe to offer a blood sacrifice for Allah is the only way you become holy. This is actually opposite of Christian martyrdom. Christians die to save others, but in Islam you kill others to purify your own blood. 9/11 was a perfect example. That is the only way you can please Allah.


Irvin: So you went off to this training camp when you were seven years old.


Kamal: At seven years old my Dad got me out of school.


Irvin: Tell me what happened there.


Kamal: He said, “You’re not good enough, you cannot work. I wish you were a girl. I would have gotten rid of you.” In Islam, if you are not good and you are a girl, at six years old they can give you away. You can be married to a 60 year old man. Why? Because Muhammad did that. He married a 6 year-old girl. In Islam, whatever Muhammad did is permissible. So therefore, one day I was going to work and I was beaten severely by different gangs. Then the Muslim Brotherhood came to save me at seven years old. They stood for me that day, and that day they owned me. I became their son, their brother and I had their protection so no one could touch me anymore. I was untouchable.


The Muslim Brotherhood came in 1928 after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Their goals were to (1) establish worldwide Shiria and the jurisprudence of Islam, which is the way of Islam. (2) Re-establish the Caliphate or the Caliph and an Islamic Ummah or one nation, which is the goal of ISIS right now.


After the Muslim Brotherhood came into my life, I began to be indoctrinated in the mosque, where children are being recruited today. The mosque to the Muslim people is not like the church. The church is where everybody comes to worship and pray for others and learn about the truth. In Islam, the mosque is where we come to curse our enemy and the great commission of Islam, which is how to defeat our enemy by the many tricks of Islam. There are two sides to Islam, the good things you do and the bad things. Everything you do in Islam is measured on a needle scale, which is based on your good work or your bad work. You either go to hell or heaven. Consequently, I knew I was going to hell from my childhood, because of the way I thought and played. I knew that evil was inside of me. Nevertheless, we were learning from childhood, even to the point that we believed if you lied, it was considered righteousness if you were establishing Allah-centered Islamization. This is a doctrine in the depth of Islam where Mohammad taught his people to lie to their enemy, because we are at war with them. Anytime we are at war, I have full right to advance Islam by lying to you. This is done by telling people we worship the same God, that we are the same people and that we are equal to you in everything.


Irvin: So, you’re a seven year-old kid and you are being shipped over to this terrorist training camp. What then?


Kamal: Well, I go to camp and meet our Yusuf. Our Yusuf became another father and mentor to me. Anytime your family doesn’t want you, somebody else will be your father, adopt you and teach you all sorts of things including terrorism. On day one of the camp I shot my first AK-47. I was seven years old. He put it in my arms, and he said shoot, and I shot. A real transformation took place in me that day. I never had toys as a child. They are illegal in Islam because we don’t worship false idols. You also cannot hang pictures because you have to give them life and spirit in the days of judgment. So you have to live a flat life. You only do what you’re told and that’s the way of life. So there in the camp we were also taught how to shoot .50 calibers (Dushkas), mix chemicals, navigate through tunnels, implantation of tanks and mines into enemy territory, how to slit throats, poison water and move weapon caches.


Irvin: At the age of seven?


Kamal: Yes, because the Jewish people or the Christians would never think that a young man would do such a thing. When you use innocence like this, your enemy would never suspect that you would do that. In Islam, it’s called a child Jihadist. It’s an army throughout Islam. You see it in Hamas, Iran, the PLO and all throughout the Islamic world. They have a military of young men by the thousands.


Irvin: So I have to ask. Were you an exception or does this happen to a few young men or most? How does that work?


Kamal: There are a great number because we are taught to recruit others. After I became a part of the movement, I started recruiting other kids from my neighborhood. Kids recruit kids, women recruit women, men recruit men. We then start introducing the spirit of Jihad and that radical movement everywhere. Once a child belongs to this movement, even if your family is moderate, they will have to fund, protect and stand with you. They may be moderate, but now they have to believe in your movement because you are a part of it.


Irvin: Why did they teach you that you had to learn these things? What was the indoctrination? What was the big goal?


Kamal: We were told it was the Islamic “Great Commission,” which is given to us by Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, and it states, “I have been commanded by Allah to war against the people of the world, until everyone says ‘there is no God but Allah and Mohammed his prophet.’” In an effort to impose this religion on unbelievers, you have the right to everything they have. It is your inheritance. Their home, their women, their children, their monies, their land, their government – everything they have is your inheritance. Therefore, if they accept Islam then you let them go. However, if Allah says to still judge them, then so be it. And if they do not convert, then you have full rights to that inheritance. As a result, when we came here to the United States of America, I came for my inheritance. One of the Khalif said that Mohammed says, “If they do not accept Islam then kill them.” Just like you see now in Iraq and Syria. They are killing the Christians by the thousands, because they are not receiving Islam. So that is the “Great Commission”.


Irvin: Well, that helps us to understand a little better what’s going on right now, whether you are talking about ISIS, Hamas or Hezbollah. Is this pretty much the belief that’s held with all Muslims across the board?


Kamal: It has stayed brewing since the fall of the Ottoman Empire.


Irvin: The Ottoman Empire that was defeated in WWI?


Kamal: It was defeated in WWI and stayed defeated in WWII. It was dismantled before WWII because over there, there is a land called the “Great Sham,” which is the Great Syria. It was Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, and part of Saudi Arabia.


Irvin: So we’re talking about the Levant now because ISIL is the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. I just looked up the Levant today because that’s the way President Obama refers to what’s happening with ISIS right now. He calls it ISIL, which is Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Levant includes part of Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, just like the things you named.


Kamal: Lebanon…all of it, yes, and these nations will fall. Isis will move because Isis is supported financially by American taxpayers.


Irvin: Now wait a minute. How do we support ISIS with American taxpayer money?


Kamal: There are several programs that the American government is using overseas, specifically in Europe. They are doing it through different programs such as art and entertainment, agriculture and several others. They are taking money from American envoys in Europe, led by ambassadors that are selected by our current President. They are actually establishing Islamization in European nations. In different places they are establishing a set of law forms and standards for Islam by bringing in lawyers and setting up structures of the power for Islam in Europe. They are engraving Islamization in Europe. They are also doing it in the United States of America.


Irvin: Yes. I read that there are 50 million Muslims in Europe and that Turkey is trying to join the European Union. If they get that done, then there will be 100 million Muslims in Europe, which they think is enough to tip the scale and Europe will end up being Muslim. It is amazing. All of us feel this coming, but it’s like fighting fog. We don’t know for sure what’s causing it. We don’t know what the doctrines are for sure. But the doctrine is that they believe Islam is definitely going to rule the entire world. That is what ISIS, Hamas and all of these Islamic movements are about.


Kamal: Mohammad the prophet of Islam said in his Hadith (tradition), “The days of Islam will not come about until the Muslim arises.” The beginning of the Arab Spring was the beginning of WWIII any way you look at it, from the Islamic understanding. Even if you are not at war with Islam, Islam is at war with you. Today, when we see the Islamist arise, they believe that even the rocks and the trees will cry out to Allah saying, “Muslim, come behind me. There’s an infidel. Come and behead him!” They are given the authority to behead, by that spirit that leads them.


Irvin: Now wait. George Bush said that Islam is a religion of peace.


To be continued in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue…


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by Dave Robbins