Indiana Bishop Suspends Priest for Criticizing Black Lives Matter

The bishop of Lafayette, Indiana, has suspended a priest from public ministry for penning an essay saying that Black Lives Matter had betrayed the civil rights legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and Frederick Douglass.

Last week, Lafayette Bishop Timothy Doherty suspended Father Theodore Rothrock, the pastor of St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic parish “in the wake of Father Rothrock’s June 28 bulletin article” noting that even if he is eventually allowed to continue in priestly ministry “he will no longer be assigned as Pastor of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel” for his next mission.

In his article, Father Rothrock acknowledged that the “brutal murder of a black man in police custody has sparked a landslide of reaction to the alleged systemic racism in America” but the anger has been coopted by violent Antifa groups that have no real interest in the black community.