In a win for Obama, dozens of nuclear experts endorse Iran deal

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The Arms Control Association, a nonpartisan group based in Washington, called the deal “a net-plus for international nuclear nonproliferation efforts” adding that if fulfilled by all parties “will reduce the risk of a destabilizing nuclear competition in a troubled region… and head off a catastrophic military conflict over Iran’s nuclear program.”


Among the 75 signatures on the statement are Hans Blix, former Director General of the IAEA; Kelsey Davenport, Director for Nonproliferation Policy, Arms Control Association; Ilan Goldenberg, former Iran Team Chief, Office of the Secretary of Defense, U.S. Department of Defense; and Thomas R. Pickering, former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, and former US ambassador to Israel.


The agreement between Iran and six major powers — Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States — aims to curb Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for a gradual lifting of international sanctions imposed on its economy since 2006.


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