I’m Tired of Defending Israel

All my Zionist life Israel has faced angry, haughty accusations of racism, apartheid, occupation and genocide – and ceaseless demands for democratic reform, dismantling defenses, disastrous withdrawals and ostracizing punishment while the rest of the world gets off scot-free. It’s time for our accusers to explain a thing or two.


For example, Spain: Why do you recognize a state of “Palestine” that doesn’t exist? Palestine was the name imposed on the land of Israel by conquering Romans and used by conquering British. In all of history, there never was a state of Palestine nor is there one today. Except for the Kingdom of Jerusalem imposed by conquering Crusaders, the only state here was, and is, Israel.


For the US State Department: Why do you prevent an American born in Jerusalem from listing Israel as his place of birth on his US passport? Should an American born in Washington not be allowed to list the United States as his place of birth?


For the New York Times: Why do you refer to Israeli Arab citizens as Palestinians? If some young Israeli Arabs consider themselves to be more Palestinian, does that mean they’re not Israeli? Why are Israeli Jews, many of whom were actually born in pre-state British Mandate Palestine, not also Palestinians?


For the Associated Press: Why do you report Palestinian-sourced allegation as fact and Israeli-sourced fact as allegation? Why do you routinely qualify Israeli police accounts as claims?


For facebook: Why did you immediately shut down an anti-Palestinian hate page while letting an identical anti-Israeli hate page remain up and running for days afterward? Why do you allow hate pages at all?


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