I don’t see a stable Israeli-Palestinian deal in my lifetime

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon on Tuesday expressed cynicism in regard to the Middle East peace process, saying he did not see a stable deal between Israel and the Palestinians happening in his lifetime.


Speaking at the annual IDC Conference in Herzliya, Ya’alon said Palestinian refusal to compromise has been made clear.


According to Ya’alon, Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state was a central challenge to reaching a peace deal. He also noted previous peace offers under past Israeli prime ministers that the Palestinians did not accept, indicating that the situation would not change in the near future.


“We offered a framework deal on the basis of the Clinton parameters, and the Palestinians walked away from the process,” he said of the latest round of peace negotiations that broke down last April.


Ya’alon underlined however, that Israel does not seek to rule the Palestinians, rather that they need to resolve their internal disputes and decide if autonomy will emanate out of the West Bank, Gaza or a unity government.


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