How the LGBT Agenda Is Hijacking America’s Youth

“Silence can create change!”GLSEN states on its website, promoting the Day of Silence. “That’s why every year hundreds of thousands of students across the world take a vow of silence on a Friday in April. This quiet but powerful, student-led action raises awareness about the silencing effect of anti-LGBT bullying, harassment and discrimination.”


GLSEN’s website also asks students to submit “selfies for silence” for publication on the organization’s Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter pages.


“We can’t wait to learn about all the incredible ways you are working to end anti-LGBT bullying and harassment and look forward to seeing you connecting across the country through Selfies for Silence,” states GLSEN.


Many parents, family, and religious organizations, however, are pushing back against government-sponsored infiltration of schools with the sex-and gender-centered social and political philosophy. A national Day of Silence Walkout has been organized; parents are urged to keep their children home from schools if those schools allow students and/or teachers to refuse to speak during instructional time on the Day of Silence.


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