Houthi Militants Storm Yemeni Gov’t Stronghold City

On early Wednesday, the Houthi military overtook al-Anad air base, which lies just 37 miles from Aden. Afterwards, there were reports that Hadi decided to flee from his presidential palace in the port city, following reports of unidentified fighter jets executing bombing runs over his location. AFP reports that president Hadi boarded a helicopter and flew off to an “unknown destination” outside of Yemen’s borders.


Senior aides of the Yemeni president continue to insist that he is in a “secure location within Aden,” has not left the country, and has no plans for doing so.


U.S. and European military “advisers” evacuated al-Anad just last week, after it became clear that jihadis from Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) were closing in on their location, the BBC reports.


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