House Speaker: ‘Trump’s commitment to Israel is sacrosanct’

House of Representative Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) addressed the 2017 AIPAC policy conference on Monday, saying he was encouraged to see so many young people in the crowd.

“You are the next generation of leaders and I can’t thank you enough for getting involved,” he said.

Ryan recalled that his first trip as House Speaker was to Israel, where he “saw the difference that our support for Israel makes.”

The United States-Israel relationship “is not a one-way street. It is a strategic partnership rooted in shared interests,” he added.

Ryan said that the actions of the former Obama administration “damaged this trust” between the countries.

“But now it’s time to turn the page. We have a new president, and let me assure you right now: President Trump’s commitment to Israel is sacrosanct. Congress commitment to Israel is sacrosanct,” he stressed.

Regarding the Iran deal, Ryan said it has been “an unmitigated disaster”, noting that Iran has been provided with millions in sanctions relief and in resumed its ballistic missile deal and still has an eye on nuclear weapons.


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