Hosting G20, Communist China Touts “Lead Role” in New World Order

As Communist China prepares to host and lead the “Group of 20” G20 summit for the first time next month, the regime is boasting about its “leading role” in “global economic governance” and building up “the international order.” Bringing together the world’s 20 most powerful governments and dictatorships to plot humanity’s future, the Chinese Communist Party’s leaders and propaganda organs have been celebrating that emerging new world order — and their major role within it. At the upcoming summit, the regime also vowed to work with other G20 members to develop policies that will “steer the world economy into the future” toward a “green global economy” under the United Nations Agenda 2030 plan for humanity.


The mission of the summit will be to “coordinate state policies” to create a more “interconnected” and “inclusive” world. In reality, a more totalitarian world is the goal. Like much of the language throughout the Communist Chinese-led G20’s documents, reading through the deceptive terminology reveals a deeply tyrannical agenda. The term “inclusive” as applied to economic issues, for example, despite sounding nice, actually originated with the world’s most powerful “capitalist” banksters and their allies, as The New American reported two years ago following a Rothschild-sponsored summit in London on “inclusive capitalism.” Now, the mass-murdering Communist Chinese dictatorship is picking up the baton, and its propagandists are celebrating.


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