Homeland Security Pushes for National ID in 2016

The net is tightening.


Fifteen years in the making, the net woven of unconstitutional laws, intelligence agencies, surveillance technology, secret prisons where torture takes place, propaganda aimed at frightening the people with external and internal enemies, a militarized police force—the net known as totalitarianism—is closing.


Federal officials with the Department of Homeland Security have announced that they intend to begin enforcement of the 2005 Real ID Act. The Real ID Act mandates that all states must comply with the requirement to issue “machine-readable” driver’s licenses. That is, licenses embedded with information-storing chips. Once all states are in compliance with the Act, the licenses will function as a de facto national ID card, a one-time goal of the Bush administration. Most states have offered opposition to federal efforts to enforce the Real ID Act, but a schedule is in place that will require compliance from all states by mid-October 2016.


One way the federal government will be able to coerce states into compliance is by requiring machine-readable licenses for all air traffic. Thus, a passenger flying from one state to another would have to present the Transportation Security Administration with the “enhanced” driver’s license, as the cards have been called. Should states capitulate to Homeland Security’s demands, we will lose much more in the way of freedom than we will ever gain in security.


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