Homeland Security grants SC a ‘grace period’ on REAL ID enforcement

South Carolina has been granted grace period by the Department of Homeland Security for REAL ID enforcement, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles.The REAL ID Act requires forms of identification to meet federal standards in order to access federal buildings, military facilities and commercial flights. Without a REAL ID-compliant license, South Carolinians can still use a U.S. passport, military ID or other federally-approved identification for these purposes.The state has previously been granted an extension until Oct. 10, 2017 to become REAL ID compliant so state driver’s licenses or identification cards could also be used for these purposes.The period has now been extended through Jan. 22, 2018, meaning an unexpired SC driver’s license can be used at airports, federal buildings and military installations until then.SCDMV said it is working toward certification to issue REAL ID forms of identification, but is anticipating receiving another extension through October 2018.The state said it plans to become fully compliant in 2018.


Source: Homeland Security grants SC a ‘grace period’ on REAL ID enforcem – FOX Carolina 21

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