Hillary Clinton says Obama’s immigration orders are ‘just the beginning’ as she slams Republicans for giving illegal immigrants ‘second-class status’ and promises ‘to go even further’ if she’s president

GOP conservatives, including many in Congress, see a sharp legal distinction between immigrants who have entered the U.S. legally with work permits and those who have snuck across the country’s border with Mexico.

They have so far managed to block attempts to legislate the kind of amnesty the Obama White House has demanded.

Among the presidential field, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is the most staunch opponent. Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who has not yet formally entered the race, has taken a softer approach – saying border-crossing is at times ‘an act of love’ for families that would otherwise be disjointed or separated by national borders.

Clinton’s Nevada stop, 24 days into her presdiential campaign, marks the first sign of her staking out a position on a hot-button issue.

‘I’m ready to have this discussion with anybody, anywhere, at any time,’ she said, echoing Obama’s call for immigration policy that is ‘more humane, more targeted and more effective.’

‘It’s foolish to talk as though we’re going to deport 11 or 12 million people. That is not going to happen,’ Clinton said. ‘It’s beyond absurd.’


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