Half of Britain’s Jews Fear Future in Europe

January 14, 2015   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: ,

Almost half of British Jewish people fear they have no long-term future in Britain or Europe, according to a new survey cited by AFP.


The poll of 2,230 British Jewish people by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA) found that 45 percent feared Jews may have no future in Britain, and 58 percent were concerned they have no long-term future in Europe.


The online survey was conducted from December 23 to January 1, a period that preceded the attacks in Paris that targeted the Charlie Hebdo magazine and a kosher supermarket, leading France to increase security at Jewish schools and synagogues.


“The results of our survey are a shocking wake-up call straight after the atrocities in Paris,” said CAA chairman Gideon Falter.


“Britain is at a tipping point. Unless anti-Semitism is met with zero tolerance, it will grow and British Jews will increasingly question their place in their own country,” he added.


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