Haley: ‘New day’ at UN, ‘no free passes’ on blaming Israel

WASHINGTON – The Trump administration will not allow “free passes” on votes in the UN General Assembly or Security Council that disproportionately blame Israel for the plight of Palestinians, Nikki Haley, the US envoy to the UN, said on Monday.


Addressing a gathering of evangelical “Christians United for Israel,” or CUFI, in Washington, Haley said the administration was successfully persuading member states to vote with more caution on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – a frequent topic of debate at the international body.


“It is a new day at the UN,” she declared, citing a recent vote in the General Assembly that allowed debate on Hamas’s culpability for the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. “From now on, every country knows that the United States will not just block anti-Israel measures, we will shine a light on those who are responsible.


There won’t be any more free passes for those who bully Israel at the UN.”“Sometimes we are winning at the UN through persuasion,” she added.


Source: Haley to evangelicals: ‘New day’ at UN, ‘no free passes’ on blaming Israe – International news – Jerusalem Post

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