Gulf states and Israel together against Iran

“One of the ministers spoke with me on the phone yesterday,” Lieberman told us. “He asked me to explain how I can speak about the death penalty for terrorists and a peace settlement in the same breath. “People dont get me – and thats part of the issue. You see that picture hanging on the wall, right? (Zeev) Jabotinsky. We need to be both cruel and generous, Jabotinsky used to say. Im willing to be generous only if Im cruel too. We arent Luxembourg. We have to be cruel. Why is it that a jury in Boston – Boston, not Alabama – can sentence a terrorist to death but we cant? We do the exact opposite. Were not willing to give and were not willing to kill.” We understand what you mean in terms of being cruel, we said to him; but what are you willing to offer in terms of generosity? Lieberman responded by talking about the war the Kurds are waging in Iraq and Syria. “This is a classic example,” he said. “We don’t know how to be generous. We used to control the entire Middle East. Today, its like we dont even exist. Everyone is too scared of commissions of inquiry. Everythings too square and rigid.” “I tried to explain to foreign ministers around the world that the best thing they could do to promote a peace settlement in the Middle East is to forget about us. All of their proposals and ideas and parameters have brought nothing but destruction. Dont interfere. We can work against Iran along with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Gulf States; we can work together to develop the region. Together, we can change the world.”


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