Greenblatt: Trump may decide to release peace plan before Israeli elections

American envoy says White House still mulling whether to wait until after a government is formed to publicize political proposal

The US administration may decide to release the political portion of its plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before upcoming elections in Israel, Middle East peace envoy Jason Greenblatt said in comments published Monday.

The White House has indicated that it is waiting until after a government is formed following September elections to release the political part of its peace plan. But Greenblatt said the administration may no longer be waiting to unveil the long-awaited proposal.

“We haven’t decided when we will release the political vision. We are taking into account the Israeli election to decide whether we should release it before the elections or after, before the government is formed or after,” Greenblatt told the Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam, in an interview published on Monday.

He said that US President Donald Trump will make the decision soon, without providing details.


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