Government to monitor family ‘spirituality’

Bob Fraser said at a conference for childcare workers in Edinburgh last month that the “named person” portion of the Children and Young People Act is about ensuring “positive well-being” for all children not just for those identified as “in need.”


A spokesman for a campaign opposing the law, No to Named Persons, called Fraser’s stated intentions for the law a “dark, deeply worrying and insidious development.”


“Apparently, the named person will police family life according to some ever-shifting ‘happiness index.’ It’s an impossible standard for parents to measure up to,” the spokesman said, according to the Scottish Daily Mail.


Liz Smith, Scottish Conservative party spokeswoman, said it’s “exactly the sort of nonsense which critics of the named person scheme feared would happen.”


“Parents will be horrified at the suggestion of being targeted because a state guardian doesn’t regard their home as sufficiently spiritual,” she said, according to the Scottish Press.


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