Government Imposes Secular Values

Conservatives rightly complain about the federal government going beyond its enumerated powers in the U.S. Constitution, but state and local governments across the nation are also implementing the secular progressive agenda through city ordinances, state laws, and court decisions.


That bastion of liberalism, New York City, under left-wing mayor Bill de Blasio, has even decided to issue new “guidelines” intended to force its citizens to accept transgender dogma. Or else.


“Today’s guidance makes it abundantly clear what the city considers to be discrimination,” announced Carmelyn P. Malalis, the city’s commissioner of the Human Rights Commission, as she revealed that failure to follow the “guidance” could result in fines of up to $250,000.


Higher-quality restaurants often have “dress codes” for their customers, with the clear intention of maintaining an atmosphere of a high-quality establishment as their business plan calls for. Typically, these restaurants require ties for men and skirts for women. But this violates the guidelines announced by Malalis because this discriminates against men who identify as women, and women who identify as men.


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