Globalists Meet at Bilderberg in Germany to Plot World’s Future

Globalist kingpins and their lackeys from across the Western world are meeting in Dresden, Germany, this week for the shadowy and deeply controversial 2016 Bilderberg summit. If past statements by Bilderberg bigwigs are to be believed, the collection of powerful internationalists and lower-level figures they hope to influence will be plotting against the interests of their home countries, under the guise of fostering transatlantic “informal discussions.” As usual, paranoid Bilderberg attendees will be huddled behind armies of taxpayer-funded police and security protections, as if they had something to hide. But based on the surging levels of media interest, the secrecy traditionally associated with the gathering appears to be slowly eroding.


From globalist prime ministers and extremist politicians to bailed-out mega-bankers, accused war criminals, establishment “journalists,” and unelected rulers of the European Union super-state, many of the world’s most unpopular people will be there. More than a few prominent Americans will be in attendance, too, despite the Logan Act that some critics say could make their scheming a felony. Among the U.S. attendees are multiple establishment media “journalists,” neocon warmonger Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Google boss Eric Schmidt, globalist schemer Henry “New World Order” Kissinger, disgraced former CIA boss and al-Qaeda cheerleader David Petraeus, and many more. The official list, which often leaves key attendees off, is available on Bilderberg’s website.


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